How it works?

How it works?



Assess the area to be coated and prepare the area.


Remove contaminants, i.e. oils, stains, rust, etc. A machine may be used to grind away contaminants.


Apply the system to the surface. A tint may be added for enhancements.


Allow the system to set from 2 hours to 5 days depending upon the substrate coated and anti-graffiti system installed.

We provide the best solution

Anti-graffiti systems have been proven to only last about a year and are extremely costly. Our systems were designed to greatly improve upon this. Our systems are one-time applications that avoid the need to re-protect your surfaces every year. They can withstand everything from extreme UV exposure in Arizona to snow and ice filled climes of the northeast coast. Stop wasting your money year after year and allow Eco-CorFlex to help provide a solution you can enjoy for years to come. Read more

Watch our products in action

Tired of seeing graffiti? Well we are too and that's why our systems have been developed to fight back! Apply our Anti-Graffiti Systems... if they get tagged, grab a rag and wipe or power wash the eyesore away!


Everyone always asks what can we do for them. Well here is just a tiny portion of the features and benefits you get when using the Eco-CorFlex Anti-Graffiti systems for your battle against graffiti!